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Division of Medical Biology – Projects


NCN MINIATURA Analysis of gene expression regulation processes in A549 and BEAS-2B cells treated with coraline in combination with ionizing radiation– Aneta Węgierek-Ciuk Ph.D.

MEiN POLISH METROLOGY Development of metrological foundations for biomedical measurements using selected methods of quantitative phase imaging – Michał Arabski Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

NCN SONATA Dendritic nanoparticles as a factor enhancing the antibacterial properties of phage-derived endolysins against Gram-negative bacteria. Evaluation of antibacterial properties – Karol Ciepluch Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

HORIZON 2020 SINFONIA 945196 Radiation risk appraisal for detrimental effects from medical exposure during management of patients with lymphoma or brain tumour – Halina Lisowska Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

NCBiR Pol-Nor Green fuels and human health – toxicity of engine emissions from 1st and 2nd generation biodiesel fuels – Prof. Anna Lankoff

COST ACTION CA17140 Nano2Clinic Cancer Nanomedicine – from the bench to the bedside – Karol Ciepluch Ph.D.

COST ACTION CA18113 Understanding and exploiting the impacts of low pH on micro-organisms – Michał Arabski Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

COST ACTION BM1003 Microbial cell surface determinants of virulence as targets for new therapeutics in Cystic Fibrosis – Michał Arabski Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

Scholarship Program Mieczyslaw Bekker – Karol Ciepluch Ph.D.

NCN MINIATURA Investigation of the effect of dendronization on selected biological and physico-chemical properties of the alpha-glucosidase enzyme – Karol Ciepluch Ph.D.

NCN MINIATURA Evaluation of changes in the lysosomal system of cervical cancer cells induced by rhein – Wojciech Trybus Ph.D.

NCN MINIATURA Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory mechanism of azelastine in vitro and in vivo – Ewa Trybus Ph.D.

NCN OPUS Development and characterization of biocomposites with anti-virulent and anti-bacterial properties against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilm – Michał Arabski Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

NCN OPUS Gasdermin as a potential factor permeabilizing the outer cell membrane of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and supporting the bactericidal activity of recombinant phage endolysins – Michał Arabski Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

NCN HARMONIA Phages recognizing surface bacterial polysaccharides as their receptors select a phage-resistant bacterial population, which at the same time becomes more susceptible to defense mechanisms of the immune system – Michał Arabski Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.

NCN OPUS Preparation of recombinant exopolysaccharide depolymerase (EPS) encoded by Pseudomonas aeruginosa phages and determination of its activity in biofilm degradation – Michał Arabski Ph.D., Assoc. Prof.